Graph eXchange Language


To provide a complete and robust java package to read and manipulate the GXL format AND to provide a graphical editor.

GXL? What and Why?

The Graph eXchange Language is a (XML) format for storing graphs. It is designed to be a standard exchange format for graphs. And since graphs can store the other common data structures (lists, tables and trees) it is a perfect way to enable interoperability between different information storages and applications.

For more information on the GXL format and applications that uses it, see the GXL website:

Latest News

2004-04-25 - GXL Core 0.92 Released
Thanks to Alex Ivanov a local copy of the DTD is now always used, removing the need for an Internet connection.
2004-03-21 - GXL Core 0.91 Released
Fixes two bugs and adds an easier way to manipulate GXL attributes.
2003-12-27 - GXL Core 0.9 Released
Features a much more thought through, clean package with extended API documentation explaining GXL features. Also includes an improved validation mechanism to provide consistent and correct GXL validation on the fly.
2003-10-06 - GXLGraphpad 0.81 Released
The JGraph libraries are now bundled with the release, removing the need to download separate files and allowing simple double-clicks to start the editor.


All contributions are highly welcome. Please report any bugs, feature requests or opinions. If you miss anything (documentation, functionality), please tell me. Only your help can alter this project from a hobby to a useful tool.

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