Graph eXchange Language


Both packages has been compiled using Java 1.4.1. The latest Java version can be obtained from Suns website:

Latest Relases

The GXL Project releases two different packages, one containing the core GXL java classes to read and manipulate the GXL format and one containing the GXLGraphpad (editor). For each of these two projects three releases are made: a binary, source code and documentation.

GXL core classes version 0.92:
Binary (gxl-0.92.zip)
Source (gxl-0.92-src.zip)
API Documentation (gxl-0.92-api.zip)

GXLGraphpad version 0.81:
Binary (gxlgraphpad-0.81.zip)
Source (gxlgraphpad-0.81-src.zip)
API Documentation (gxlgraphpad-0.81-api.zip)